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About Modular Industrial Solutions


Modular Industrial Solutions, Inc. (MIS) was founded in March 1988. In true Silicon Valley form, the Company was literally started in a garage.

Drawing on the skills and experience of the founders, the Company began to market custom designed PC based passive backplanes. For the first three years, MIS designed and manufactured backplanes exclusively for OEM's.

In 1991, MIS made a strategic step to get closer to the real customer (the user), via the systems integrator. This was achieved by acquiring the PC division of Catene Systems Corporation, formerly NetWay Technology, Inc. With this acquisition, MIS gained an expanded customer base, a family of large capacity industrial enclosure products and selected key employees.


MIS packages existing IBM/PC technologies in unique configurations that provide significant customer advantages not available in mass marketed prepackaged PC products.

MIS is a customer driven Company. Every employee knows that his or her only task is direct or indirect customer support. This axiom is what differentiates MIS from its competition. MIS employees understand that the customer puts their name, reputation and profitability on the line when MIS is selected as a supplier. Customer trust is earned, protected and defended by every member of the MIS team.

An example of earning that trust is the way the Company protects product documentation. Even back in the garage, the design criteria were to have all drawings done in CAD. This requirement continues today with backup copies archived at multiple locations. These sites include the Company headquarters in San Jose, California, the Corporate Design Center in Fresno, California, and working copies in each of the various contract-manufacturing locations. MIS customers are assured of product continuity in the event of any disaster.


The MIS target customer is the value added reseller/systems integrator requiring high performance multi-processing or I/O intensive hardware platforms. Typically these customers are selling into the voice processing/ fax processing/ telecom processing/ multimedia/ and data acquisition markets.


William H. Carey, President
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