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RME-1900 RME-1900 - Advanced Rackmount 1U Server Chassis, for ATX, mATX or xATX Motherboards, 4x Hot-Swap Drive Bays, 400w ps Price: $0.00
The RME-1900 1U Rackmount Server Chassis is the most advanced and highly feature laden enclosure of its type.  This enclosure provides the greatest upgrade and performance path of any of the... Read more
RME-2500 RME-2500 - 2U Rackmount Passive Backplane Chassis, 1X 3.5" & 1X 5.25" Front Drive Bays & 2x 3.5" Internal Bays, Uses Std PS2 form PS Price: $0.00
• Standard with 300 W ATX or 250 W Redundant Power Supply • Front Panel Indicators for Power and HDD Activity • One 5.25 inch Front Accessible Drive Bay • One 3.5 inch... Read more
RME-2551 RME-2500 Series - 2U 19" Rack Mount Enclosures for Passive Backplane & Single Board Computer (SBC) integrations Price: $0.00
The RME-2500 Series of 2U Rack Mount System Enclosure is designed to support Industrial IPC,  Passive Backplane / Single Board Computer, (SBC),  Based Systems. This highly efficient 2U... Read more
RME-2700 RME-2700 - 2U Space-Saver (Short), Rackmount Enclosure for ATX & mATX Motherboards, w/ 1x Std 3.5, 1x Slim CD-ROM, 1x Slim Floppy Bays + 2x Internal 3.5" Bays, Uses Std 2U AT/ATX PS Price: $0.00
The RME-2700 rackmount enclosure series is the next generation of low cost 2U chassis with maximum configurability for cubic inches used.  With support for two hidden 3½ inch HDD... Read more
RME-2800 RME-2800 Series - 2U Rackmount Chassis Available in Motherboard or Passive Backplane versions. Nine Front Accessible Drive Bays (Six 3.5" Removable, 3.5" Fixed, 1x 5.25" Fixed, 1x Slim CD-ROM), Users Std or Dual Redundant P/S Price: $0.00
• Standard with 400 W or 460 W , ATX or Redundant Power Supply • Front Panel Indicators for Power and HDD Activity • One 5.25 inch Front Accessible Slim Drive Bay • One 3.5... Read more
RME-2900 RME-2900 - Advanced Rackmount 2U Server Chassis for mATX, ATX or xATX Motherboards. Up toTwelve Hot-Swap Drive Bays, Uses Std 460 Watt 2U P/S or 460 Watt Dual Redundant P/S Price: $0.00
• Standard with 460 W ATX or Redundant Power Supply • Front Panel Indicators for Power and HDD Activity • Front Panel Controls for Power, Reset • Twelve 3.5 inch Hot-Swap... Read more
RME-3900 RME-3900 - 3U Rackmount Server Chassis for ATX, mATX or xATX Motherboard, Sixteen Hot-Swap Drive Bays, Slim CD-ROM & Slim FDD Bays. plus a 2.5" Internal Bay, Std Configuration supports a 700 Watt N+1 Power System. Price: $0.00
• Standard with 700 W N+1 Redundant Power Supply • Front Panel Indicators for Power and HDD Activity • One 5.25 inch Front Accessible Slim Drive Bay • One 3.5 inch Front... Read more
RME-4900 RME-4900 - 4U Rackmount High Capacity Chassis, in 16 Gauge Steel, Available in XATX Motherboard or Passive Backplanes Versions up to 20-Slots. Six 5.25 inch Front Accessible Drive Bays along with Eight Internal 3.5 inch Bays with a Choice of Power Supply Price: $0.00
The RME-4900 is one of the most popular 4U high capacity systems; this chassis has found favor in a number of military applications due to its pure functionality and ease of custom configuration.... Read more
WME-3100 WME-3100 - Half Size IPC Chassi 3 or 4 slots, 1x 5.25" slim CD Bay, 1x Internal 2.5" HDD Bay, Bottom mounted PS Price: $0.00
The WME-3100 is a highly compact modular industrial PC-chassis. It is available in either a 3-slot PCI, 4-slot PISA (PCISA) or 3-slot ISA backplanes which are easily accessible. The PCI backplane... Read more
WME-3200 WME-3200 - Half Size IPC 4-slot All Aluminum, ISA / PISA / PCI Capable Chassis Price: $0.00
The WME-3200 is a highly compact and light weight modular industrial PC-chassis. It is available in a 4-slot PCI, 4-slot PISA (PCISA) or 4-slot ISA backplane. The PCI backplane comes with one SBC... Read more
WME-3700 WME-3700 - Half Size, 4 slot, PCI, PISA or ISA Backplane Slots, a Wide Choice of AC or DC Power Supplies, 1x 5.25" & 1x 3.5" Drive Device Price: $0.00
The WME-3700 industrial enclosure is the next generation of wallmount or benchmount half sized chassis, this is an example of the factory listening to the customer.  You asked for more power... Read more
WME-3900 WME-3900 - Half Size, SBC/IPC Chassis, Choice of 8x ISA, 7x PCI or 8x PISA Based Slot Configurations, + 200w PS, 2x 3.5" & 1x 5.25" Drive Bays Price: $0.00
• Front Panel Controls for Power, System Reset, Alarm Reset • Available with PCI, PISA (PCISA) or ISA Backplanes • Standard with 200 watt 1U Form Factor Power Supply • Front... Read more
WME-4500 WME-4500 - Full-size Vertically Oriented, Industrial Wallmount Chassis for Six or Seven Slots PICMG, PISA or ISA Passive Backplanes, with PS/2 300 watt Power Supply Price: $0.00
The WME-4500 series of vertically oriented, wallmount, passive backplane - SBC based system enclosure provides six or seven full or half length slots of SBC or I/O cards support while at the same... Read more
WME-4800 WME-4800 - Full-Size Industrial Wallmount Chassis 10-slot PICMG/ISA/PCI/PISA, with 300watt or 400watt Power Supply for Passive Backplane or Micro-ATX Integrations. Accommodates Full Length, Half Length SBC and I/O Cards Price: $0.00
The WME-4800 is the third in a series of wall mount, bulkhead mount, benchtop enclosures that have been designed with incrementally more features than the previous iteration. These are listed on... Read more
WME-4900 WME-4900 Series Industrial Strength Motherboard WALL MOUNT Computer Chassis, Designed to Accommodate High Performance mATX Motherboards Price: $0.00
The WME-4900 is the next evolution of industrial benchtop chassis. Previously if you wanted a small efficient lab or benchtop computer enclosure you were relegated to the realm of higher priced... Read more
RME-4100 RME-4100 - 4U Aluminum Rackmount Chassis, ATX, mATX or Backplane Configurations Price: $0.00
The RME-4100 series answers the call for light weight "Industrial PC" bench top or rack mount enclosures with it's aluminum structure, durable finishing and capacity for three... Read more
RME-4100S RME-4100S - 4U Aluminum Rackmount Chassis, Unique 12" Depth, for mATX Motherboards & Half Size SBC/Backplane configurations Price: $0.00
The RME-4100S series 1/2 length enclosure is made here in the USA out of durable lightweight 16 ga aluminum alloy material, with a dual layer (inner and outer), front panel construction for... Read more
RME-4200 RME-4200 - 4U Rackmount Chassis, DISCONTINUED Price: $0.00
RME-4500 RME-4500 - 4U Rackmount Computer EMI/RFI Shielded Steel Chassis, 6 Drive Bays, ATX/mATX Motherboard or Backplane/SBC configurations to 14 slots, Multiple PS Options Price: $0.00
Shielded rack enclosures like the RME-4500, differ from their non-shielded counterparts in the details of their construction and electrical bonding. A shielded rack enclosure is constructed using... Read more
RME-4400 RME-4400 - 4U Rackmount Chassis, Steel Construction, 6 Drive Bays, Motherboard or Backplane/SBC Configurations, Multiple PS Options Price: $0.00
The RME-4400 is one of the most cost effective 4U Rackmount Computer / Server in our 4U product group. The RME-4400 has a 16 ga cold rolled steel case, fronted by a 0.125" thick front panel... Read more
RME-4800 RME-4800 - 4U Rackmount High Capacity Chassis, 16 Gauge CRS, Motherboard or Backplane/SBC configuration to 20 Slots, 4 Front Drive Bays, Options for up to 8 Internal Bays, Multiple PS Options Price: $0.00
The RME-4800 series is formed around a group of integrations of a single common all steel chassis design. The RME-4800 Rack Chassis is 25 inch of solid performer in its ability to ruggedly house... Read more
RME-6500 RME-6500 - 6U, 20-Slot Industrial 19" Rackmount Server Chassis, 9x 3.5 Drive Bays, 2x 5.25" Drivebays, Multiple PS Options Price: $0.00
The RME-6500 is a cost/effective rugged, 6U rackmount chassis designed for single system, 20-slot passive PICMG / ISA passive backplane that can be optionally replaced by a segmented dual or quad... Read more